Last August, the first Promperu Agribusiness Innovation Mission in Medellin was carried out, with the support of Peru’s OCEX in Colombia and Genie Latam. With the participation of INKA PRIME and other 7 companies of different categories. Among them, the agro-export of superfoods and vegetables, cultivation and commercialization, science, technology and social innovation.

Among the organizations that were visited are the Chamber of Commerce, the Novo Agro Group, the Alico Group, the EAFIT University, the Bolivarian Pontifical University, Agrosavia, the Colanta cooperative and the National Federation of Coffee Growers. While we were able to share moments with local political authorities, officials of international organizations such as the UN, academics and farmers.

The objective of the Mission was to learn from the good practices of other companies in Medellín, recognized as one of the main entrepreneurial hubs in the region. Beyond this, it also deepened in the ecosystem that accompanies them. If you talk about innovation in Medellin, you talk about its clusters, and among them, the coffee cluster, where not only large and small companies interact, but public, academic and community organizations. This interaction is what generates an entrepreneurial and creative movement that gives this hub status to Medellin.

On the last 23rd of February, in the oldest and most reputable index of innovative cities in the world, produced by the innovation 2ThinkNow of Australia, this city aquire the category of global hub of innovation, this achievement places the city on the highest category of any city in Latin America, along with many other cities around the world which are global powers on this issue. This recognition is important and fills the community with pride and enables them to mobilize and attract talent and capital, essential ingredients for its development.