This beginning of the year, beyond all the pain and disaster caused by Covid, has been very positive for us, and we especially want to highlight two very important news.

First, we have been accepted as members of the Global Community of Singularity University, the number one academic organization in the world in terms of innovation and sustainable development. Where we will be in contact with businesses and international leaders who share our same mission, to make the world a better place through collaboration and bold ideas. This is very important for us, because in Peru very few organizations are truly interested in these ideals.

Second, with the support of Promperú, we are already planning the next steps to the internalization of our Healthy Quinoa Snacks with Andean-Amazonian flavors to other markets. With natural preservatives and new packaging. As pointed out by the prestigious newspaper GESTION in the interview with our CEO, Alonso López de Castilla. Our goal is to be one of the few businesses in Peru that exports with added value to create true development, including the farmers, universities, government and privates.