EXECUTIVE SUMMARY – Quinoa and Sanky Snacks

In our country, Peru, we can find a lot of diseases because of malnutrition, especially in children. This is one of the main challenges that INKA PRIME seeks to face, in order to improve our quality of life. In many cases the main problem occurs due to the lack of a healthy eating culture.

People usually choose products with a pleasant taste, that is cheap and that can be quickly purchased, which are generally of a very poor quality, and full of chemical products. Forming a habit for junk products that harm of health deeply, despite the diversity of healthy foods that we have in in Peru. In this scenario, this project aims to present an innovative product that meets all these goals equally..

According to our research, there is a growing need to increase the supply of healthy snacks in the national and international market. This is due to current trends in favor of a better diet and the prevention of diseases. Following this line, we elaborate a healthy extruded snack based on superfoods such as sanky (an exotic Peruvian fruit has ten times more Vitamin C than oranges) quinoa, canihua (baby quinoa) and yacón (a natural sweetener). We believe that, with the proper marketing, this product could end with the junk snack trend.

In this sense, the target audience for this product would be children, as they are the most affected by diseases caused by malnutrition. Likewise, regular consumers of unhealthy snacks who would like to consume more nutritious products with a pleasant taste. Finally, people who stopped eating snacks, despite its good taste, because it affected their health.

Additionally, our mission seeks to take advantage of the great diversity of native and healthy foods that exist in Peru, starting with sanky. That contain medicinal properties that are not promoted or marketed. We seek to generate a change in the cultural paradigm of the consumer of snacks, revaluing original foods. As it is aimed at children, in the future it will seek to commercialize healthy snacks in public and private schools, being responsible with the Law No. 30021: “Promotion of Healthy Eating for children and Adolescents”.

Fragment of a research developed for Innovate Peru. Collaborators:
Dayana Carrillo – Jazmín A. Rodríguez – Angie Silva – El Mosto de Palermo