Inspirados en tus favoritos de siempre. Con achiote.
Finalmente, disponibles en su versión más saludable

  • Quinua, cereal, aceite girasol, sal maras
  • Cuida piel, retrasa envejecimiento, previene algunos tipos de cáncer.
  • Sin Octógonos
  • En presentaciones de 30g y 165 g

Extruded 100% natural snack. In personal (30g) and family (165g) presentations. With quinoa that improves learning and reduces cholesterol. High in vitamins, proteins and fiber. Anti-carcinogenic and gluten free.

With cheese and annatto, you will remember your all-time favorite snack and you won´t believe it is healthy. Anti-inflammatory and good for skin. Takes care of your pancreas, your kidney and your lungs.


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