About Inka Prime

We are INKA PRIME, a Peru Country Brand organization with headquarters in Lima, offices in London and representatives in other cities, that seeks to promote Sustainable development in Latin America through social innovation and entrepreneurship. We seek to unite the ideas of various actors – public, non-profit, academic and the private sector with the goal of integrating them organically around a shared vision of the long-term future. We are a platform and a nexus for them – including communities and relevant international organizations taken into consideration. We believe that by aligning our visions we don’t simply redistribute wealth, but create opportunities for everyone and sustainability.

Under this focus, we offer products of exceptional quality at a fair price – especially ancient Andean and Amazonian superfoods that combine very high nutritional content alongside beneficial medicinal properties. While we promote mainstream products such as quinoa, maca, cacao or amaranth, we can also offer a wide range of regional grains, powders and dried products due to our reliable network of producers, farming families organized by local governments in regions such as Ayacucho, Junin, San Martin and Puno. We ensure that care has been taken and that these products have been grown naturally, as they are handled observing the strictest international standards.

In order to offer every guarantee we offer the possibility of deferring payments, while our partner Global Shipping takes care of exporting details, backed up with more than 10 years of experience trading in 4 continents. In the same line, we have partners such as Spring Impact, Technoserve and GIZ German Cooperation.

Vision: To be a relevant actor that helps to transform current social development logic in Peru with a vision to achieve sustainable human and economic growth.

Mission: To be a platform through which public, private and multilateral players can interact, exchanging high quality products and innovative ideas and including low income communities in the process.




Social Development

Open innovation is in our DNA, that’s why the integration of ideas and efforts from the different public, non-profit, and private actors is a must for us. Our goal is to unite them organically around a sustainable vision for the long term. We will use this space to share new ideas, needs, and to review constantly. We will keep updating you to let you know what’s going on. In time we will also develop new ways of interacting to create solutions that get results.


Andean Development Corporation

“We should plan more, farmers sometimes do not know when, where, or even what to plant when conditions change, we should be always be one step ahead.”

Nelson Larrea

Main Researcher in GRADE

“We need a platform of services for the small producer where public and private actors should participate.”

Eduardo Zegarra

DIA-General Agricultural Direction

“Currently, we have a closer interaction with the Ministry of Commerce and Tourism, what is good, but it should be even tighter.”

Jose Luis Rabines

Red de Acción de Agricultura Alternativa (RAAA)

“We will all achieve better productivity if we integrate the farmer in the productive system. It is not about charity, is making them more efficient.”

Luis Gomero

The IDB (Inter-American Development Bank)

“Intelligent and sustainable agriculture, creating market access for people in the last mile through technology and disruption.”

Elizabeth Minaya


Projects & Workshops

We think that a very important way to promote Social development is through empowerment and training. People are Peru´s most important resource, and they need to improve their abilities in order to be part of the solution. At Inka Prime we teach workshops in topics like Leadership, Change Management, Conflict Resolution, Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship, seeking disruptive solutions to promote a more sustainable agriculture. These programs are directed at farmers, government officials and every other relevant actor across our national agricultural ecosystem.



Modelo de Desarrollo Social

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