Your usual favorites with chili and turmeric.
“With a spicy touch. Ideal with your favorite drink” Quinoa, cereal, sunflower oil, maras salt

  • Improves memory and learning, reduces cholesterol and overweight.
  • No Octagons
  • In 30g and 165g presentations

Extruded 100% natural snack, as tasty as your favorite but healthy. In personal (30g) and family (165g) presentations. With quinoa that improves learning and reduces cholesterol. High in vitamins, proteins and fiber. Anti-carcinogenic and gluten free.

Inspired by the creole sauce, it is tasty and has a spicy touch. With cheese, turmeric and spices you can enjoy it alone or with your favorite drink. Improves learning for kids and memory for adults. Helps you control cholesterol and overweight.


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