Amaranth or kiwicha is quinoa’s equally good but less famous brother – it’s also an easily digestible seed that looks like a grain. It was domesticated in the Andes about 8000 years ago. When the Spanish conquistadors arrives in Peru, they burned the fields believing it to be a false idol for the Incas. Luckily, however, they could not eradicate this crop. It is such an exceptional crop that it is used by NASA to feed its astronauts. It promotes heart health as it has cholesterol lowering properties. It is an exceptional food for children as it contains all the 8 amino acids vital for their growth. It’s a great source of vitamins and minerals specially iron. It is Gluten free, and it has 7 times more fiber than rice. It can be popped at home, like tiny super healthy popcorn kernels with a pleasant nutty taste. Additionally, it’s also a great breakfast option with a porridge-like texture when cooked.

Scientific Name:
Amaranthus Caudatus

Zone of Origin:
Cusco and Puno

Organic and conventional

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